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Eyelash Extension Full Set
FullSet of Classic mink -cat eye/natural
No one will guess that these aren’t the real thing! This full set of lashes is suitable for everyday office looks to sexy date night. Natural with a perfect glossy-black finish.
Full Set of real mink
You won’t settle for anything but the best, and you know you’re going to get it. This is the pick of many celebs: cruelty-free, 100% natural Siberian mink! Mink is hollow on the inside, making these lashes divinely light and sinfully luxurious, so you’ll look and feel like a million bucks!
Full set of silk eyelash
Silk lashes are lighter and finer that the synthetic extensions. You can wear these type of falsies for long because they are fine and of light weight. When compared to the synthetic lashes, the silk lashes can last a little bit longer than the synthetic extensions. Silk lashes are comfortable to wear and are appropriate for older clients as well as younger ones who want to keep it simple. Suitable for clients who have weak and thin eyelashes.
Full Set Lite Hybrid
30/70 Mix of classic (1lash) and volume lashes (3-4 lash fans)
Full Set of Hybrid
50/50 Mix of classic (1lash) and volume lashes (3-4 lash fans)
Full Set of Volume
Jaw dropping gorgeous lashes. This fuller-than-full set of lashes is stunningly voluminous and perfectly provocative. If you are not a drama queen you are just another subject so go with your gut! You’ll be ready to hit the runway once we apply our most dramatic set of extensions.
Full Set of Wispy Hybrid
Full Set of Wispy Volume
Full Set of Ombre Hybrid
Add some ombre color lashes to your hybrid full set.
Full Set Ombre Volume
Add some ombre color lashes to your volume full set.
Eyelash Extensions Fill In
New Client Refill
Top up your existing lashes using our faux mink or synthetic eyelash extensions. This service is for our new clients who have eyelash extensions from another salon. (Must have 50% of lashes left to book this service).
Classic Faux mink/silk relash-2weeks
Classic Faux mink/silk relash-3weeks
Real mink refill -2weeks
Real mink refill -3weeks
Real mink refill -4weeks
Hybrid 2 Week Refill
Hybrid 3 Week Refill
Volume fill – 2 weeks
Volume fill – 3 weeks
Our Facials products are organic and high end brands.
Mini Facial
Express Facial 30min
Basic Hazel Facial
This customized 60 minute facial includes cleansing, exfolication, extractions, masking and facial contouring massage. The treatment begins with a deep cleanse of the skin followed by an application of enzyme-rich cleanser to remove any impurities from your pores. Next comes the extraction process where gentle suction is applied to gently pull out blackheads or whiteheads that are present on the surface of your skin. After this step you will be moved over for a quick 20-minute mask session which involves applying various masks such as clay pack or honey pack depending on what type would work best for you at that time.
LED Light Therapy Luxury Facial
Restore your youthful Glow with a 60 minute facial designed to combat the signs of aging, personally tailored to your unique and specific needs. Deeply moisturizing, our anti-aging facial boosts hydration, volume, and brightness while improving skin texture and firmness. This customized treatment incorporates LED light Therapy in order to smooth fine lines and wrinkles while also reducing hyperpigmentation or acne scars on the face as well as improving overall tone/texture of the skin.
Acne Teen Facial
ideal for teen with ances.
Basic Hydra Facial
Basic cleanse, hydrate and mask hydra facial.
Hydra Glow Facial
This customized facial incorporates hydrodermabrasion to deeply exfoliate, extract, and hydrate. Customized for your skin needs and includes LED Light Therapy Treatment! The treatment is a deep-cleansing process that helps remove dead cells from the surface of the skin without irritation or pain. It also has an inbuilt light therapy treatment which uses red light (also known as infrared) to help stimulate collagen production on your face while reducing inflammation.
Acne Free Facial
Acne doestn’t stand a chance again Acne Free Facial signature treaments. This facial is customized for your skin at each appointment. Say goodbye to breakouts and acnes, and hello to healthy, glowing skin. The treatment uses the power of nature’s own ingredients including plants like cucumber extract that delivers soothing antioxidants while green tea leanses pores without drying out your face or stripping away natural oils. Extraction is very painful, so we opts out extraction but we replaced it with acne free nature mask.
Nano Infusion Facial
Designed to reduce the signs of aging, increase circulation, produce instant plumping results and encourage cell turnover and growth. This facial utilizes the breakthrough Nanotechnology, allowing the targeted products and serums to reach maximum efficacy. The specialized nanotechnology produces the same results as more invasive cosmetic treatments without any recovery time. With a unique multi-functional formula that eliminates dryness while protecting skin from free radicals with antioxidants such as Vitamin E & C., this product is ideal for all skin types including sensitive or acne prone complexions.
Brow And Lash Tint
Lash Lift and Tint
Your Eyelashes will be curl and color for 5-6 weeks
Lash tint
Ideal for client who have light color eyelashes
Lash Lift
Semi-Perm Your natural eyelashes for 4-6 weeks without eyelash extensions
Brow Tint
Ideal for client with light color eyebrows.
Brow Lamanation
Ideal for client who wants to have make their natural eyebrows little more define and little thickness by lamination’ their eyebrows so they looks like micro blading but last up the 3-4 weeks.
$10 and up
Upper Lip
Side Burn
Full Face
Under Arm
$15 and up
Half Arm
Full Arm
Lower Legs
Upper Legs
Permanent Make Up
Permanent makeup is a safe and effective way to enhance your appearance. It can be used to correct irregularities in your skin tone, such as scars or birthmarks, or to simply give you a more youthful appearance. Before the permanent makeup appointment, a free consultation is necessary. The majority of people only require 1 session to achieve the desired result. In some situations, more than one session will be required to obtain the greatest result.
Ombre Powder Shading
Ombre Powder technique is a semi-permanent tattoo that gets darker in the tail and gradually lightens toward the brow. Ink is injected into tiny pixels of skin (the epidermis) at the top layer. Depending on the customer’s goal, the outcomes can range from natural to strong. It has grown in popularity due to less pain and scar tissue on the skin. Best for all types of skin
Nano Microblading Hair Strokes
Using the most new Nano mini blade to create hair strokes which create the most unpainful and natural hair strokes.
Microblading & Shading
Combining hair strokes in the front and powder shading on the ends of the brow tail for added density. Shading pigment is used to fill in any visible gap to create a mix of hair strokes and a makeup appearance. It elevates your brow with shading combined with your microblading strokes.
Hair Strokes using the blades to create a very natural looking eyebrow hairs.
Brows 6 Months Touch Up
Brows 1 year Touch Up
Brows 2 year Touch Up
Lip Blush
You can choose from a variety of colors with this semi-permanent tattoo technique, which will give you the color you desire. Lip shading may be used to make your lips appear more natural or fuller.2 session or more are require to achieve the result. 2 session or more are require to achieve the result. 2 or more sessions are require to achieve the best results.
Lip Blush Neutralization
2 session or more are require to achieve the result.
Lip Blush 3 Months Touch Ups
Lip Blush 6 Months Touch Ups
Lip Blush 1 year Touch Ups
Lip Blush 2 year Touch Ups
Lower Eyeliner
The lash line is enhanced with a semi-permanent tattoo technique that gives you a natural look. The eyes are enhanced by giving the impression of eyeliner.
Upper Eyeliner
Upper & Lower Eyeliner
Eyeliner 3 Months Touch ups
Eyeliner 6 Months Touch ups
Prices are vary
Eyeliner 1 year Touch ups
Prices are vary