Common questions can you get a bikini wax while on antibiotics

When you want to get a bikini wax, it can be difficult to decide what type of hair removal service you should go with. Waxing is not the only option for removing pubic hair and getting a Brazilian or full bikini wax might not always be necessary.

Waxing can also cause an allergic reaction if your skin is sensitive which means that people who are on antibiotics may need to reconsider getting a bikini wax while they are taking these medications.

Can you get a bikini wax while on antibiotics?

This is a question that many people have, and the answer is No 

First of all, skin sensitivity while taking the medication, and skin may “lift” causing excessive skin to come off and the waxed area to scab over. 

Secondly, while on antibiotics, your skin is super sensitive, so it causes skin irritation or sensitivity due to the antibiotic, it’s best to wait until this has subsided before getting a bikini Wax

How long after taking antibiotics can I wax?

Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin C and E Acetate Ointment, Azelaic Acid Gels (azelaic acid) and Creams

You must discontinue these products 48-hours prior to being waxed, as the medication can cause an uncomfortable dryness that will make your skin more sensitive.

Over the counter Renova, Avage, Avita (Tretinoin, Azelex, Differin (Adepelene) Epiduo (Adapelene + Benzoyl Peroxide), Finacea (Azelaic Acid), Retin-A (Retinols, Retinoids, Vitamin A), Altinac, Tazorac (Tazarotene) is a common name for topical antibiotics. Clindamycin and Erythromycin are examples of prescription topical steroid creams. Prescription Topical Steroid Creams – I.e.: Clobetasone Propionate and Betamethasone Valerate

The two most common treatment options are cortisone injections and oral antibiotics. Corticosteroid pills, oral anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs), and topical steroids may also be used.

It is recommended that you wait 14 days after completing antibiotic treatment before resuming bikini or body grooming procedures like waxing. This allows time for any inflammation and redness caused by the infection to subside. 

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When should you not get a bikini wax?

There are a few times when you should not get a bikini wax. If you are pregnant, on your period, or have any sort of skin irritation, it is best to wait until those issues have resolved before getting a bikini wax. It is also important to avoid getting a bikini wax if you have recently had laser hair removal treatment done in the area.

Wait at least six weeks after your last laser treatment session before booking your bikini wax appointment. Finally, if you are taking antibiotics or other medications that can cause skin sensitivity, it is best to hold off on getting a bikini wax until you have completed your course of medication. Talk to your doctor if you are unsure whether it is safe for you to get a bikini wax.

If you take blood thinner medications?

Most likely not. Waxing pulls the hair out by the root and if you are taking blood thinners, there is a greater risk of uncontrolled bleeding. It is best to wait until you have finished your medication course before getting any waxing treatments. 

If use any of topical prescriptions such as Retin A, Renova or Differin acne medication 

Users of topical prescriptions such as Retin A, Renova or Differin acne medication should not undergo a waxing service until the effects of these medications have been spent. In addition to possible irritation from using these products, there is also an increased risk for hyper pigmentation and scarring due to the light sensitivity caused by some prescription treatments.

If clients are planning on receiving a wax treatment involving one of these medications, they must wait at least two weeks after their last application before having it performed on them again. 

If you smoke or have Rosacea

Smoking increases your risk of developing cancer.

It is also a major factor in the development of wrinkles. So, if you’re trying to keep your skin looking young and healthy, it’s important to quit smoking.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes redness on the face. It can also lead to acne, dry skin, and eye problems. If you have rosacea, avoid waxing because it can cause irritation and inflammation.

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your hair removal methods, there are some things you can do to minimize any potential damage:

Try not to wax too often – once every two or three weeks should be enough. If you smoke or have Rosacea

If you Shave

Shaving before waxing is a big no-no. It can cause the hair to become ingrown, which can lead to infection and scarring. Wait at least 48 hours after shaving before waxing. If you absolutely must shave in the meantime, use an electric razor instead of a blade. Shaving cream should also be avoided, as it will make the wax less effective.

Shave only removes hair from the surface of the skin; it doesn’t get down into the follicle like a wax does. So, if you have any stubble left over after shaving, that hair will still be there when you wax and could potentially result in pain and irritation. For best results, let your hair grow out for at least two weeks before getting wax hair removal service

If you need a bikini wax, don’t do it while on antibiotics. Do not get a bikini wax when taking blood thinners or if you have Rosacea or shave. Plan your appointment for at least two weeks after completing the course of antibiotic treatment to ensure that any side effects from the medication are gone and won’t interfere with your procedure.

To make sure there is no bleeding during this time, avoid using Retin A, Renova or Differin acne medications in the days leading up to your appointment as well as smoking or shaving before going in for a spa day!


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