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Hazel Beauty Studio is a beauty salon located on the second floor above Le's Nail salon in Arnold Station, Arnold, MD. We realize that having beautiful eyelash extensions and facial treatments is each young lady’s fantasy. That is why we make an honest effort to light up your eyelash with our select eyelash extension packages and the latest lash services trends. In addition, our team strives to offer you natural-looking, healthy lashes to feel confident about yourself when going out into public or attending special occasions like weddings or proms. We also provide professional eyebrow grooming services and waxing on any part of your body!

Indulge yourself with luxurious treatments from a full line of facial packages designed to pamper, rejuvenate, restore your skin, and relax your mind in our safe space. Hazel Beauty Studio has a professional cleaning team to ensure that our salon is always disinfected and sanitized thoroughly according to state standards. We also offer facials explicitly tailored for individual needs like acne prevention cleansing, which includes exfoliation, blackhead extraction, removal & extractions around the eyes & nose area, and other specialty treatments like waxing eyebrows - name it! Contact us today so we can start making you feel beautiful again.

Welcome to the newly renovated and expanding Hazel Beauty Studio! We are a locally owned beauty salon that offers an extensive range of services, including eyelash extensions, facials, permanent makeup, and waxing services.

About Us

Welcome to the newly renovated and expanding Hazel Beauty Studio! We are a locally owned beauty salon that offers an extensive range of services, including eyelash extensions, facials, Semi- permanent makeup, and waxing services.


Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi-Permanent makeup is your ticket to the ultimate face-framing freedom! With this treatment, you can look younger with a smudge-free, waterproof finish that defines features for balanced beauty. Plus, who doesn't love saving time in their busy day? So go ahead - treat yourself!

Eyelash Extensions

Why Choose Us?

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Individual lashes are expertly applied with special glue to make longer, thicker eyelashes. No messy clumps or tangled flares! Our lash is separately applied and laid on your own natural lash for a more beautiful effect without the hassle of wearing fake ones all day long.

Lashes are essential to your beauty routine, but they need to be cleaned regularly to avoid clogged pores and microbes on them. In addition, the new hair growth cycle can create more problems if you don’t take proper care with cleaning daily, including removing any dirt or makeup before applying some form of lash treatment like a serum.

No Baby Hairs
Our product is gentle and will not damage your baby’s hair. In addition, the glue we use to apply our lashes does not irritate sensitive skin, so it’s perfect for people with shorter or finer eyelashes.

Lash Integrations
We know your natural lashes are precious, so we size them for you depending on their growth pattern. The easiest way to find out which style will work is by asking one of the Lash Artists at our Salon. They can help determine how big an extension would be best suited!

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